Plot Synopsis

Ethan is a disillusioned young man in his mid-twenties.  An unexplained and rapid onset of epilepsy has detached him from reality.  Strange, unimaginable side effects have accompanied his illness.  Flashes of white light frequently annex his vision and a white-hot sensation of burning plasma in the palms of his hands feels more and more as if it is under his control.

He is unaware, but soon he will begin to understand the blueprints of space-time, the structure of the universe and the intricacies of electromagnetic radiation.  He will discover the secrets of entropy and the illusions of reality.  He will begin to develop a sense of courage, a sense of resolve and a sense of duty.

Ethan will become inter-dimensional, ethereal, timeless and godlike.

He will reflect the boundaries of our assumed reality back on itself, and in turn, implode the entire moribund design.

Ethan will abuse a certain type of heroin which he doesn’t know contains a digital code, purposely put in place to protect him; he will be watched closely by people in the “real world” who are just waiting for the right time to extract him; and he will be hunted down by the very agents put in place to maintain the structural order of the system, a system which Ethan doesn’t even know he is a part of.

Ethan is also not the only one of his kind, and along his path to discovery, he will encounter another figure who shares similar powers.  When their stories finally intertwine at the end, they set the stage for a trilogy.

Ethan is “The Virtual Wraith”.


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